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Dachshund appreciation society charity art print


A5 300gsm high quality art print featuring my "Dachshund appreciation society" design. A lovely art print for dachshund owners and anyone fond of this beautiful breed.

Profits are donated to DMT DRSG a charity who rescue Dachshunds from the dog meat trade in China and Korea. Most of the dogs haven't had a good start in life and are rescued in poor condition; but the charity believes no dachshund should be left behind and work hard to rescue and rehabilitate all the dogs they can. They have cared for and found loving homes for many rescue dachshunds since the charity began in 2014.

" Dog Meat Trade Dachshund RESCUE & Support Group (dmt dRsg)
​has been formed with the sole purpose of rescuing dachshunds from the Dog Meat Trade in China and Korea. All proceeds will go to the rescue and rehabilitation of the dachshunds, and the transportation to loving forever homes in the UK."

more info can be found on their website https://www.dmtdrsg.org/

Thank you for all your support!

*watermark is for copyright purposes only* *colours may appear a little different depending on screens*

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